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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

St. Timothy's, Calhoun - Visit by Bishop Wemberly

Bishop Wimberly' s visit to St. Timothy's Sunday, June 10, 2016. Held an Adult Forum, Celebrated the Eucharist and preached. He confirmed one one and received four. Following the service a l.uncheon in the parish hall

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Rainbow Village’s 25th Anniversary Birthday Picnic Celebration

Last Sunday, June 26th, Rainbow Village celebrated their 25th birthday with hundreds of old and new friends. The high-energy, world-renowned band Banks & Shane in Duluth Town Green. The Verger Guid from the Diocese of Atlanta assisted with setting up for the event. The Brotherhood of St. Andrew from The Episcopal Diocese provided some outstanding Bar-B-Que,

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St. Benedict's - American Muslims: Beliefs and Practices

Fr. Brian Sullivan Rector at St. Benedict's invited Imam Arshad Anwar from the Roswell Community Masjid and Khadeejah Farooq to share "American Muslims: Beliefs and Practices."   Mrs. Farooq is a representative of ISB (Islamic Speaker's Bureau).

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Diocese of Atlanta - Ordination of Priests - June 25, 2016

The Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta - Cathedral of St Philip - June 25, 2016, The Cathedral of St. Philip.Those Ordained; Alelred Bernard Dean, Christopher Alan Miller, Lori Cameron O’Riley, Gretchen Suzanne Ratterree and Timothy Joseph Sommer Seamans.

Additional photos were taken by Curt Yarbrough from St. Peter's, Rome. You can see more of his photos at: https://picasaweb.google.com/106102007538544221501 .

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bishop Wright's Visit to Christ Church

Bishop Wright visited Christ Church, Norcross on Sunday June 19, 2016

Busy morning for Bishop Wright. While on his visit to Christ Church, he...
  • Helped the "Sandwich Squad" preparing sandwiches for Emmaus House
  • Led an adult forum.
  • Preached and celebrated at the 10:30AM Eucharist
  • Preached and celebrated at the 1:00 PM Spanish speaking Eucharist.
  • Baptized one baby, and confirmed three persons.

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About Christ Church:
You will feel God’s joyful, living presence in a parish large enough to offer you an array of opportunities yet small enough to know your name. We are a Christ-centered church offering programs for children, youth and adults. We encourage fellowship and provide social gatherings to nurture families and friendships.

The Rev. Ceci Duke is the Rector of Christ Church
For more information about Christ Church:


The Sandwich Squad Preparing Sandwiches for Emmaus House

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Centro de EducaciĆ³n Teologica Para Latinos - Ceremonia de graduaciĆ³n

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The Center for Theological Education for Latinos graduation ceremony was held at the Cathedral of St. Philip, Saturday, June 18, 2016.The keynote speaker was Bishop Wright, who also presented the diplomas to the thirty participants who were in the program.

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bishop Whitmore's Visit to St. Timothy's, Decatur

Bishop Whitmore visited St. Timothy's, Decatur on Sunday, June 12, 2016.
The Bishop preached and celebrated at the 10AM Eucharist service. Bishop Whitmore also welcomed 9 new members to St. Timothy's. Following the service the church community hosted a luncheon and then the Bishop met with the Vestry. The Rev. Daniel S. Dice is the Priest-in-Charge at St. Timothy’s.

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Bishop Whitmore Visits the Peachtree-Pine Shelter for the Homeless

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The Peachtree-Pine Shelter for the Homeless is located north of downtown Atlanta at the intersection of Peachtree Street and Pine. It is run by the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, whose executive director is Anita Beaty. The facility can house up to 700 homeless men each night, Chaplain Ed Fuller, former Archdeacon of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta serves as is the Chaplain at Peachtree shelter. Bishop Whitmore celebrated and preached at the Eucharist, Deacon Ed Fuller led the Bible Study before the service. Executive Director Anita Beaty led a tour of some of the ministries of the shelter, including, the Clothes Closet, the Art Studio, and the rooftop gardens. Deacon Chip Faucette assisted with the Eucharist. For more information, please visit the Atlanta Task for the Homeless website at https://atlantataskforceforhomeless.org/ 

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